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• Grousers are made from UHMW high strength plastic
• Pre-Assembled for immediate installation
• Includes all hardware to mount both tracks.
• Reduces ground pressure to .845 psi on an Avenger 8x8
• Select your Argo Model and Tire Size for pricing

Installed Width on an Avenger 8x8: 68"

Replacement track splice bolt size:  Hex Bolt 7/16-14 x 3 1/2"

Does your terrain have the type of mud that sucks the boots right off of your feet?  Or is it soupy and the consistency of pudding?

If you answered yes, then the Mud Pro Tracks are the answer to getting you and your Argo to your favorite hunting grounds.   Each Mud Pro track is overall width of 14.5" and only extends past the Argo bumper rail just about 2.5" on each side keeping the mud under the fender and from flying all over you and your gear.   Included are a pair of Mud Pro Mud flaps with the kit to prevent mud from being thrown up from the back of the Argo.  The 8x8 track kit weighs in around 180lbs for both tracks.

In comparison tests against the Argo 18" rubber and 18" Plastic Super track kits in mud, the overall winner is hands down the Mud Pro.  These tracks just flat out walk through the slime without skipping a beat, don't let the 14.5" width fool you, size doesn't matter when comparing these tracks against the 13" or 18" Argo plastic or rubber tracks. 

The Argo 18" Rubber tracks do have their place and are good for low viscosity mud, snow, wet rocks or where there is a lot of sharp tire puncturing twigs / burn-down.  They are also a much quieter ride on hardpack, but when it gets nasty and the mud has no bottom the Adair Mud Pro tracks are the ones that will keep you from winching out and hands down outperform the rubber tracks in any water or swamp environments.

Optional: Adair Winter Snow Cleat Kit

If you spend more time in the deep snow of the Rocky Mountains or cold Mid-West, we can build your tracks with the removable winter ice cleat kit that is available in 6x6 or 8x8 versions.  This kit comes with the required wheel spacers and improves deep snow performance.  This track has been tested thoroughly in the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado with excellent deep powder results.  The bite of the cleat helps pull through the powder and dig into the crust while the additional width increases flotation.   The kit can be removed in under an hour so the tracks can be used in the summer mud.   It is recommended to remove the metal grouser in the summer to prevent damage or accelerated wear to the cleats. Available with the metal grouser cleat for ice or UHMW plastic for lighter weight and deep snow and doesn't scratch shop floors.

All tracks are custom built per Argo Model and tire size.  We stock the most popular versions but can have any track manufactured in less than a week.  

Tracks will not work with entry steps installed between the tires.   Be sure to check your tire size before ordering.

1-888-898-2746 call today, the days of getting stuck are over with just one phone call.


2019 - Current Model with Carlisle Argo 25x12-9 XT117 Tires:

Aurora 800 SX, Limited 8x8 
Avenger 800 8x8 (Produced after Feb 2019)
Avenger 800 HuntMaster, Responder, XT 8x8 (Produced after Feb 2019)
Conquest Pro 800 XT, XTL, XTX 8x8
Conquest Pro 1050 XTD 8x8
Conquest Outfitter 800 8x8

2010 - Current Models with Carlisle Argo 25x12-9 AT189 Tires:

Avenger 700 8x8 (2010 and Newer)
Avenger 750 EFI 8x8  (2010 and Newer)
Avenger 800 8x8 (Produced before March 2019)
Avenger 800 Huntmaster 8x8 (Produced before March 2019)
Avenger 8x8 S, ST, STR, STX, LX, XT
HD 700 8x8
HDI SE 8x8
HDI 750 EFI 8x8
HuntMaster 8x8
XTD 8x8  (Requires 25x12-9 tires for track to work)
XTI 8x8  (Requires 25x12-9 tires for track to work)

Will also work on below models with Optional Carlisle 25x12-9 AT189 Tires installed:

Frontier 6x6
Frontier 8x8
Scout 6x6
Scout 8x8

2004 - 2009 Models with Goodyear Rawhide III 25x11.50-9 Tires

Avenger 700 8x8  (2004 - 2009)
Avenger 750 EFI 8x8  (2007 - 2009)

2007 - Current With Argo Carlisle 24x10-8 Tires

Frontier 6x6
Frontier 600 6x6
Frontier 700 6x6
Frontier 8x8
Frontier 650 8x8
Frontier 700 8x8
HD 650 6x6
HDI 750 6x6
Scout 6x6
Scout 8x8

1994 - 2007 Models with Goodyear Runamuck 22x10-8 Tires:

Bigfoot 6x6  (For tracks to work model requires 22x10-8 tires on 8" rims - Please Call)
Conquest 6x6
Conquest 8x8
Response 8x8
Vanguard II 6x6
Vanguard 6x6

* Ships commercial freight and comes pre-assembled along with a set of mud flaps.   Check your tire size before ordering.


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