10021J - 127-103 - EXTENSION STUD, M12 x 1.25 ZN

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10021J - 127-103 - EXTENSION STUD, M12 x 1.25 ZN - ARGO ATV PARTS
Part Number: 10021J.
Weight (lbs): 0.215
H.S. Code: 7318.19.50.30

10021J - 127-103 EXTENSION WHEEL STUD, M12 x 1.25N - ARGO ATV PART

Metric: 12mm

Fits Argo Atv Models:

Centaur 8x8
Outfitter 8x8
XTD 8x8
XTI 8x8
Conquest XT
Conquest XTD
Conquest XT-X
Conquest XT-L
Conquest Lineman

This metric lug extender is designed to work in conjunction with the factory wheel spacer # 605-77 on the above models only.  This parts will not work on any other Argo model due to the metric sizing.

Lug extenders need to be torqued to a minimum of 40 ft lbs and when aligning the wheel spacer should always be tightened and never loosened when making adjustments to fit the wheel spacer.

Overall Length:  3 3/8"
Thread Length:  7/8"
Wrench Size:  5/8"

Sold each.